Branding your designs

Learn how to create designs that align with your branding in Design Wizard

For brands, it is essential to keep consistency across all of your images.

Consistency makes your brand feel more dependable and consumers trust brands they recognize.

Design Wizard wants to help businesses achieve their goals with clear and consistent branding.

Design Wizard allows you to create custom colour palettes so you can create designs that align with your brand.

If you already have a set of hex values for your brand, you can add them to your account by clicking on any hex code and entering your hex value. Click on the ‘Save Colour’ button to save the colour to your palette.

You can delete any colour in your colour palette by hovering over the colour and clicking on the X as shown.

We have over 100 fonts in our library and you also have the option to upload your own font with our font uploader. This is brilliant for business logos and specific brand styles and ensures that your creations align with your branding.

Design Wizard supports multiple versions of custom fonts, but a regular version of your font is required to ensure that the fonts appear correctly in your downloaded images.

You also have the option to upload your own logo using the upload button.

Here you can drag and drop your file onto the highlighted area or click the upload link to browse your computer and upload your logo. Your logo will be stored in the ‘Uploads’ folder.

Depending on your plan you will have a certain amount of storage which includes both your image and font uploads.

If you are on the pro or expert plan you can delete uploaded images and fonts in order to free up your storage if you’re running low. However it is important to note that if you do delete any uploaded images and fonts they will also be deleted from any of your designs.

You can check how much storage you have left by clicking on your profile and viewing your current plan.