Design tips for social media

Tips that will help you with your social media design compositions.

Designing images for multiple platforms has always been challenging and time-consuming but thankfully Design Wizard has helped with this process.

Design Wizard takes the hard work out of social media marketing. Our software has canvas sizes with the exact dimensions for social media posts.

You need to be careful about what elements you include in your social media posts as you don’t have a lot of space to play around with.

Ensure you choose a nice image as well as readable text. They need to be eye catching.

Social media posts should generally have a maximum of about 8 words.

This video demonstrates how you can implement these design tips for your social media designs.

Each social media canvas varies in size allowing you to include different elements in each social media post.

Twitter is a microblogging social media platform. It is the perfect place to build followers for your business.

Facebook is great in drawing engagement with tactics such as competitions, videos and light hearted content.

Instagram is the world’s premier image-sharing social network so it is important to upload the highest quality visual content.

LinkedIn has become much more sociable, you will see a much wider mix of content shared on the platform than ever before. However it is still very much a business conversation site and it is best to keep personal photos and conversations for other mediums.

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