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Do you have an affiliate program?

Learn more about Design Wizard's affiliate programs.

Design Wizard also offers a straightforward affiliate program. Getting started is simple: you refer people to our site, people purchase images or subscribe to one of our affordable monthly plans, and you get 30%, uncapped, recurring commission on the sale, for the life of the customer.

For example if someone you refer signs up to our Expert plan on a monthly basis costing $16.99 per month, you will get a commission of $5.10 per month, every month for the lifetime of the customer. That's $61.20 per year for just 1 referral! There is no limit to the amount of people you can refer.

For more details and to join the program, visit our affiliate page.

Not ready to be an affiliate? Invite friends and earn rewards

We want to make unlock creativity and make design accessible to everyone. You can invite people to join Design Wizard by clicking on the Invite Friends button on your Profile page.

You can then enter the email addresses of your friends or colleagues to send them an invite or invite them via Facebook.

If your referral signs up, we will give you 1 month free on the Design Wizard Pro plan*

* Maximum of 3 months free, only 1 upgrade can be redeemed per month.