How to integrate your Design Wizard and Marketo Accounts

  1. In your Marketo account, go to Admin, click on the Security menu item and select Users & Roles, in the panel on your left. Click on the Roles menu tab. On the Roles submenu go to New Role.
image2 (19)

2. You will now need to set a Role Name. Next you will need to give this Role permissions. In the Permissions box, expand the Access API Menu and select Read-Only Assets and Read-Write Assets. Click Create.

image3 (16)

3. The User has now been created. Next, go to the Users tab in the Users & Roles section. From here click on the Invite New User option.

image4 (9)

4. Enter an Email address, First Name and Last Name, then click Next.


5. In Step 2, select the Role you have just created - Design Wizard Uploader, and check the API Only box. Click on Next. In Step 3, click Send to complete the process.

image1 (10)

6. We’re almost there! Go to the Admin menu in the panel on the left of your screen. Expand the Integration menu item and click on Launchpoint. From here click on New and then New Service.


7. Enter a Display Name and Description. Select Custom as Service and select the API Only User you have created. Click Create.


8. Click on View Details of the service you have added. Copy and save the Client Id and Client Secret as shown below.


9. On the left menu panel, under Integrations click on the Web Services option. From here copy your API Key from the REST API information and save them with your Client Id and Client Secret information.