Managing Images in Design Wizard

A Guide To Our New Interface Design Wizard Users

We are delighted to unveil the new look Design Wizard’s interface. Your new custom home screen makes it easier for you to create, share and download your images.

image2 (22)

From the bottom of the home screen you will see your most recent designs. This allows you to open and edit your designs or download a copy of your design.

image3 (20)

You can also choose to use the list view option. The list view allows you to view and sort your designs by create date and modified date.

image5 (5)

At the top of the screen you will see three new options. Here you can start from blank using your most used canvas sizes.

image7 (2)

Or create a new image by clicking on Start From Template. Here each category will provide you with a number of popular options. You can also see more options by clicking More Types.

image6 (2)

You can go back to the primary category at any stage by clicking on the back button as shown below.

image1 (14)

Once you choose your canvas type, you will be brought to the Work space where you can create, share or download your images as before.

image4 (10)