Tips for design composition

Tips that will help you with your design compositions.

The composition of a design refers to the layout, the way in which the individual elements of an image such as the photographs, illustrations and text, are arranged together to form the full picture.

Each component should complement the next.

Consider these points when you are formulating your composition

  • What is the main element in the design?
  • What message do you want to communicate?
  • What size is the design?
  • How much text are you including?

The video below demonstrates how you can compose a design and implement these design compositions tips in Design Wizard.

One of the most important things when placing text on images is to ensure that the text is readable.

Use of devices like BOLD or ITALICS can organize your text into a clear hierarchy of importance. If a heading is a certain size then the subheading would be smaller or italicized making the text clearer for the reader to understand.

Use images that contrast with the text. In particular, using darker images with lighter text. Images helps to convey context, tone and emotion in your design. It is important that these qualities support your text helping you to communicate with your audience.

Typography is often the trickiest part of any design. The type of text you choose has a huge impact on an image and has the power to elevate it or make it lose it’s impact.

One common mistake is to use too many different styles of fonts. Most designs should stick to a maximum of two. Play around with font pairings, but keep them simple.

Many people are surprised to know that choosing colours can be challenging. I would suggest that you play with the colour palette and stick to the basics like black and white, blue and orange.

Design Wizard allows you to create custom colour palettes so you can create designs that align with your brand.

If you already have a set of hex values for your brand, you can add and them to your colour palette.

If you don’t have a set of brand colours you are working with, you can also match up the colours of different elements of your designs.

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