Tips on how to search, edit and adjust different elements using our advanced tools

Learn how to search, edit, adjust and add different elements in Design Wizard.

Design Wizard has several tools which make is quick and easy for you to create unique visual content in minutes.

When you’re using Design Wizard you can download a free preview of your design before making any purchases by simply clicking on the download button and clicking download free preview. However when you download a free preview if it is watermarked then the watermarks will remain in place until you purchase the design.

Once you’re happy with the design preview you can remove the watermarks by paying for the completed design.

If you’re searching for an image in Design Wizard you can use the search button.

Simply click on the search button and enter in the keyword that you’re looking for as shown in the video.

You can narrow down your search by using the filter option in the search menu. For example you can search Design Wizard for icons only. If an icon is editable it will be written beside it. Allowing you to change the colour as shown in the video.

You can remove the filters from the search at any time by clicking on the clear button.

If you want to search for a transparent image start by searching for the image that you’d like to put into your design e.g. woman singing. When you’ve entered your search, you can narrow down your search results to transparent images using the 'transparent' button as demonstrated in the video.

You can also search for templates by clicking on the search templates button. For example if you’re looking for a template with a bike.

It is really useful to mark any images that you favour by clicking on the favorite button. You favourite images will then be stored in your ‘favorites’ folder

You can easily upload your own images to Design Wizard using the upload button. Your images will be stored in the ‘Uploads’ folder.

It is simple to add a shape to your design by simply clicking on the shapes menu and deciding on what shape you would like to include.

You can add up to 10 layers to your design these layers include image, shape or icon elements. Each element is one layer. By clicking on the layering options in the right hand side panel of your workspace you can order your layers, as well as lock and unlock your layers.

For example to set an image as the background you can use the layer menu and click on the button sent to back.

Whether you are on the Free, Pro or Expert plan, Design Wizard will save your designs.

Click on the save icon on the top right hand side of your workspace and your design will be saved in your ‘My designs’ folder.

You can also save a duplicate version of your design by clicking on the drop down menu beside the save button. Click on the 'save as new design' button and your design will be saved in your 'My designs' folder.