Tips on how to use our advanced tools in Design Wizard

Learn how to use our advanced tools in Design Wizard and create amazing designs in minutes.

Design Wizard has several tools which make is quick and easy for you to create unique visual content in minutes.

The magic resize button is a really useful tool because it allows you to easily resize your designs and instantly switch between canvas sizes.

All it takes is one click and a couple of tweaks which I demonstrate within the video.

In the video I run through how to resize a Facebook post into a Twitter post using our advanced tools.

To resize titles in your design all you have to do is click on the title, click on the size icon and select one of the text sizes you would like to use.

When switching between canvas sizes you generally need to re position elements and text. It is very simple to move elements and text within your design. You can do so by clicking on the element that you would like to move and re position.

If you’re looking for a way to line up the elements of your designs you can use our grid by clicking on the show grid button as shown. You can add as many columns and rows as you need.

The grid allows you to line up your elements and text to make sure they are positioned correctly.

When you’re finished using the grid click on the hide grid button.

As you can see I have successfully resized my Facebook post into a Twitter post with a few simple steps.

Our awesome zoom feature makes creating images even easier!

To zoom in click on the + sign. This will zoom in on the workspace.

By pressing the - sign you will zoom out on the workspace.

To resume back to the normal size all that you need to do is click on the fit to screenbutton to bring you back to 100%.

Sometimes your elements or text needs to look more subtle in your designs. Our transparency feature allows you to adjust the transparency of your elements.

Simply click on the element and use the transparency slider until you have the right level of transparency.

Filters are great for enhancing your images. You can easily add filters to your images within Design Wizard. Just click on the image and decide which filter you would like to use.

Design Wizard also provides advanced filter options. To use these options, click on the Advanced option to expand the editing menu as shown.

You have the option to adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, tint and hue of the selected image.

To restore the image back to its original color, click on the Reset button.

Our integration partners include Buffer, HubSpot and Marketo which gives you the option to connect and share your designs through to these platforms.

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