What are credits?

Find out more about image credits and video credits

Credits are used in Design Wizard on the Pro, Business and Enterprise plans to download designs.

The Basic plan is the only plan where you will pay for an individual design using your credit or debit card.

There are 2 types of Credits: image credits and video credits.

  1. Image credits

You will find image credits on all 3 of the Pro, Business and Enterprise plans. 1 image credit entitles you to 1 image design download.

On the Pro plan, you get 60 image credits that renew every month. On the Business and Enterprise plans, you get unlimited image credits.


2. Video credits

Videos credits entitle you to 1 premium video download.

On the Business plan, you get unlimited SD (standard definition) video downloads, but you also get 1 video credit every month, allowing you to download 1 premium video per month.

The Enterprise plan gives also gives you unlimited SD video downloads, in addition to 8 video credits per month.

The Basic or Pro plans do not include video credits, but we may occasionally gift some lucky users a free video credit!